The Swindon Night Shelter is helping hundreds of local people a year but it cannot run without the support of donations. Although we benefit from thousands of volunteering hours per month, we do have some costs that we need to cover to continue to help the homeless in Swindon and by donating either a one off sum or ideally giving us whatever you can afford monthly it allows us to continue to offer our life changing services and hopefully grow our services as the demand continues to rise.

Although we would use your donation for anything we felt was necessary for us to continue to support the homeless in Swindon, the below gives you an idea of what a small monthly donation would help to cover the cost of:

Donate £5 a month. This pays for the internet costs for a week in a unit that allows us to help them do things like claim benefits or refer themselves for addiction help.

Donate £10 a month. This pays for most of the TV licence cost so when the rough sleepers come to see us they can watch TV and try and relax away from the issues of living on the street. This allows us to help them, with partner organisations, with some of their underlying issues like mental health, addiction or health issues.

Donate £25 a month. This pays for the road tax on vans which are used to transport the rough sleepers to our night shelter for food and shelter or donations which we can give directly to distribute to over 30 other organisations locally who do not necessarily have any transport

Please click here to donate through Virgin Giving, if you pay tax you can also claim gift aid which means the charity gets more money and you can claim some of your donation back from HMRC.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Any questions please get in touch:

01793 613166